A number of black label perfume bottles are arranged randomly, with Hairdresser's Husband in the centre, lid off.

Hairdresser's Husband


Orange, vanilla and grapefruit

A glass perfume bottle filled with a light amber liquid. A black label reads 'The Perfume Library' and 'Hairdresser's Husband'.
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"After smelling the hairspray and being in love with the scent I had been trying to get my hands on one for a few months, and now I finaly succeeded! Hairdressers husband is a very fresh, posh scent. Its fruity with citrus and grapefruit but also warm from the vanilla and tonka, and it smells very fancy and posh somehow." - nina

"This is a luxury perfume made with luxurious ingredients. The scent reminds me of a flower shop but in the best of ways. I always feel extremely sexy when I wear it." - tracyshewmake

How to use:

Spritz yourself with Brazilian orange, Sicilian lemon and grapefruit that hit with a sharp but sweet zest that evokes mists of hair spray and freshly shampooed hair. A warming vanilla and tonka note rounds off this otherwise tart perfume, playing in the background like the low hum of a salon blow-drier.



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