Ippuku Ryo - Cooling Mini Bath Bombs


A cool, restorative, and refreshing trio

Ippuku Cooling gift. A warm orange and yellow patterned oblong box with three geometric bath bombs.
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The Japanese concept of “ippuku” is the simple act of taking a brief break throughout the day. Much like the first steaming sip of an English cup of tea, it’s a small but powerful dose of refreshment; an opportunity to slow down and savour the moment.

This ippuku small bath bomb set has been crafted alongside Lush's creative team in Japan, for whom bathing is an art form. Each 45g bath bomb uses ingredients found in traditional remedies, and Ippuku Ryo is a trio of refreshing, nutrient-dense seaweed bath bombs for a cooling bath, inspired by the Japanese art of restorative bathing.

Uchimizu is your respite on a hot day, featuring mood-boosting grapefruit and chamomile oils. The gentle, sweet, and serene Fuurin lulls you like the tinkling of traditional Japanese glass windchimes, thanks to its trio of cedarwood, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils. While Kokage evokes a forest bathing scene in your own bathtub, with enlivening juniperberry, olibanum, and pink pepper oils.

What’s this gift made of?
Box: Made from 56% recycled corrugated cardboard. Please recycle for a lush environment.


Uchimizu bath bomb (Exclusively available in Ippuku Ryo gift)

Fuurin bath bomb (Exclusively available in Ippuku Ryo gift)

Kokage bath bomb (Exclusively available in Ippuku Ryo gift)



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