A hand holds the Mermaid Tail in purple water. All that is visible is the blue fin with bubbles forming on the surface.

Mermaid Tail

Bubble Bar

An energising splash of citrus

Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar. Shaped like a purple and blue swirled fish tail with a blue fin at the top.
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How to use:
Look at this bar, isn't it neat? Crumble the bubble bar part under running water for a zesty grapefruit oil immersion. Alternatively, allow the organic cocoa butter fin to melt in warm water for a softening bath melt-enriched soak. Feeling indulgent? Combine both for the ultimate splash session!

How to store:
Keep this little mermaid somewhere cool and dry, out of the sea, along with your other whosits and whatsits.




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