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My Name Is Digger Knot Wrap

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100% recycled plastic, a 46cm x 46cm Knot Wrap

My Name Is Digger. A blue and green square knot wrap with a drawn image of a badger in the centre.
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Knot Wrap Number: 427 

My Name is Digger Knot Wrap is made from 100% recycled plastic, and features an illustration by Cameron Morgan from Project Ability. Project Ability is a Glasgow-based artist group collaboration and visual arts charity and gallery, supporting people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health to create art.

Cameron's design is inspired by the nature programmes on television he enjoys watching. Speaking of his design, he says "After seeing a really nice picture of a badger I thought it would make a lovely design for a knot wrap. I wanted to make something a bit different and I thought a badger was a good subject as they only come out at night, which I like. I like that they are shy creatures."

Measuring 46cm x 46cm, this Knot Wrap makes a perfect reusable gift wrap for an array of your favourite Lush products, as well as a wearable scarf or bandana.


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