The bath bomb floats face up, as the orangutan is lying on its back, fizzing away in foamy orange water.

Limited Edition


Bath Bomb

Protect, rewild and regenerate West Toba Forest

Orangutan bath bomb, a bright orange bath bomb in the shape of an orangutan, sitting with its arms placed across its stomach.
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How to use:
Drop this disappearing Orangutan into your bath water and soak up the sounds of the Sumatran rainforest whilst you bathe in patchouli, vanilla and kukui oil waters.

How to store:
Keep cool and dry until ready to embark on an immersive journey into West Toba forest … all without leaving your bathtub!

Scan the QR code on the banana paper insert to listen to the sounds of the rainforest that you are helping to protect. Funds raised will help protect the forest for the future, so people, orangutans and the planet can thrive.



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