A finger scoops a generous amount of Superbalm, a very thick, balmy, pale green coloured scalp treatment, out of its metal tin.


Scalp Treatment

To the rescue

A swatch of very thick, balmy, pale green coloured Superbalm scalp treatment.
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"...I discovered it's best to use this on in a put-where-needed kind of way. Using it all over the scalp is too much. Don't get it on the hair, don't go over the 20minutes max time & rinse out with shampoo twice. After that my scalp feels renewed. I can literally feel the breeze kissing my scalp it's so clarifying." - thesticklebrick_

"...Even though it is in a little pot a little really goes a long way! It will be repurchased once i have finished. Ive tried so many products and finally i found the perfect blend." - Kitchen Witch

"...Will definitely be buying again and a little goes a really long way so won’t be needing to buy again for aaaaaaages! I can’t stop raving about it." - emolloy2_69301

How to use:

Using your fingertips, massage a small amount onto targeted areas of your scalp (rather than your whole head of hair) and leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing out the excess. Then shampoo and condition as usual. In some cases you may still feel a waxiness on the scalp. Don’t worry, this is the product doing its job and will clear over a couple of days.



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