A model sits with their legs crossed reading the open book, their hair is wrapped up having just used henna hair dye on it.

True Colours


Hair Colouring for the Curious and the Cautious

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“Inevitably, I’m drawn to an unavoidable question: are modern hair dyes safe?”
Milly Ahlquist, co-author of True Colours

Hair dyers of the modern age, whether you henna, highlight or permanently dye, whether it’s over the sink or in the salon, this book is for you.

Come rifle through the history and science of hair colour and hair dye, both synthetic and herbal, from its origins in the ancient world to the health scandals of the 20th century. Learn about the effect colourants may have on your health, how to minimise that risk and the other options available to you if you wish to dye your hair.

An honest and intriguing look at what hair dye is, what it does, and the power it holds over us. Includes the story of henna hair colour within Lush, with practical tips for henna application from trichologist Mark Constantine.

Written by Milly Ahlquist and Lush Co-Founder Mark Constantine and printed with Lush’s unique 20% henna ink blend, this book has reworked and updated Mark’s original Herbal Hair Colouring book, first published in 1978. The cover art and design of the new henna brick sleeves have been inspired by the long and diverse history of henna staining on the skin in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This particular design, also found on our Noir henna sleeve, draws inspiration from the organic, floral henna designs traditionally found in Middle Eastern and Asian skin art. 

Follow this link to read an excerpt from this book.

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