What Would Love Do?


Tangerine, lavender and benzoin resinoid

What Would Love Do?
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"This was my first ever lush perfume and I just live it. It's just pure sunshine and rainbows in a bottle to me, that feeling in springtime early morning when everything is bright and fresh when you look out the window. The smell of lavender and tangerine really compliment each other well!!!" - Lush girl1

"This has been my first purchase of a lush fragrance and I'm glad! I bought it on a bit of a whim, not knowing exactly what to expect but it's amazing. One of the best fragrances I've tried so far. The scent is so warm and lasts for quite a while. Definitely worth the purchase." - heather00

"To me it smells like a slightly spicy soothing scent, it makes me think of lying on the beach reading a book and drifting in and out of sleep. The sort of perfume that reminds you of a loved one." - lillybee

How to use:
What would love do? Love would lift you up with elevating tangerine oil when you need a boost. Love would calm you down with grounding lavender when worry weighs heavy on your mind. And love would wrap you up in a vanillary benzoin resinoid cuddle at the end of a long day. Spritz yourself and fall for this sweet but zesty blend, a happily ever after fragrance.


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