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Introducing the Lush Spa at Lexington Ave, New York City

Enjoy a sensory oasis in the middle of Midtown! Using a dynamic approach with soothing touch, captivating visuals, beautiful fragrances, nourishing Lush products and more. Each treatment is an immersive experience inviting you to embrace the unexpected.

Discover Lush Spa

Lush Spas were first brought to life in 2008 when our founders set out to create a warm, inviting and homey oasis where Lushies could relax and rejuvenate. 

The mission was to deliver immersive self-care options, developing unique spa treatments that celebrated all five senses. Creating an oasis of mindfully selected music, invigorating aromas, caring touch and soothing Lush products. 

Fast forward to today and we’re so excited to announce the opening of our Lexington Ave, New York City Lush Spa, offering a range of multi-sensory treatments to nourish your body, calm your mind and ease your soul. 

Soak in the Lush Spa at Lexington Ave

Step away from your busy day-to-day life and step into a self-care oasis at our new Lush Spa at Lexington Ave in New York City.

Each treatment engages all five senses for a truly out-of-the-box experience that’ll leave you feeling utterly at peace before you step back into the real world. 

All are welcome at Lush Spa, always!

Spa treatments

Validation Facial

60 mins | $150*

This 60 minute facial is a deeply indulgent and bespoke treatment, enriching you with a pampered glow. Relax while your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized, accompanied with hot and cold stones, and choreographed massage techniques all combined to help you feel truly rejuvenated.

Tied together with a soundtrack from Lush Fresh Handmade Sound, featuring validating words and the sound of waves on Chesil Beach.

Fresh Facial

30 mins  | $80*

Feed your skin with this renewing treatment, designed to offer those with a tighter schedule some much needed self-care. This 30 minute facial uses our fresh and self-preserving skincare range, helping to protect the microbiome of the skin.

Supported with a soundtrack called Set In Stone, inspired by Dorset's nature and ancient folklore, to help you step out of the fast-moving nature of modern living.

Tangled Hair 

25 mins  | $60*

This Japanese-inspired 25 minute experience will leave you feeling as if you've just woken from a power nap. Feel the rejuvenating effects of medium to firm massage techniques, focusing on the scalp, face, neck, chest, shoulders and arms. Warm mitts, cold stones and a minty temple balm will leave you feeling rapidly refreshed.

This experience is accompanied by a soothing and uplifting Japanese-inspired soundscape, featuring a Shakuhachi bamboo flute and celebrated Japanese violinist, Midori Komachi.

Book a Bath

30 mins  | $50*

This season, book a bath in the cotton candy waters of our limited-edition fan favorite, Snow Fairy. This adventure in bathing is carefully curated with all the senses in mind—paired with a fresh face mask tailored for your skin, music curated in house by Lush Fresh Handmade Sound and ending with a silky vegan hot chocolate. 

Learn more about Lush Spa here.

*Prices above do not include tax

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