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How Lush Gives Back

As advocates for justice for all, we’re passionate about giving back both locally and internationally. Learn how we support small, grassroots organizations, uplift the voices of our partners and donate products to those on the frontlines.

Giving back with Charity Pot

Charity Pot is a self-preserving, floral-scented, and vegan body lotion that—figuratively and literally—spreads some good. It’s made from organic, sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients from farming communities and co-ops around the world.

100 percent donated

When you purchase either our potted Charity Pot Body Lotion or its naked counterpart, 100 percent of the purchase price (minus the taxes) goes to our Charity Pot Fund, which supports small grassroots organizations on the frontlines of human rights, animal protection, and the environment.

What Charity Pot funds

Since its launch in 2007, global purchases of Charity Pot have allocated more than $90 million USD towards nearly 15,000 projects focused on supporting human rights, animal protection and the environment in over 175 countries. By purchasing Charity Pot, you’re directly advancing the work of radical changemakers around the globe. 

What goes into Charity Pot

For every ingredient we use, Lush’s Ethical Buying and Lush Investments teams work with farmers to move beyond buying responsibly to investing in ethical agriculture. This allows us to rehabilitate the land and support communities from the ground up.

See how five key ingredients in Charity Pot come together to make a world of difference:

Moringa oil

Lush sources moringa oil from a small factory in northern Uganda where they process the seeds into oil using 100 percent solar energy. By processing the oil close to where it’s grown, they’re able to keep more of the financial returns and environmental value within the producing community.

Aloe vera

Our aloe vera comes from the Nabulu Women’s Aloe Group in the arid region of Laikipia, Kenya. Over time, the women have been converting the desert land, introducing nutritious plants to improve both the land and the Maasai diet.

Cocoa butter

Charity Pot’s cocoa butter comes from the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó in northwest Colombia and they are one of Lush’s most extraordinary suppliers. Despite the ongoing conflict in the area, they continue to live peacefully while growing and harvesting cocoa beans.

Shea butter

Our shea butter comes from the Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative in Bolgatanga, Ghana. The 600-member cooperative provides the women with a reliable source of income all year round. 

Jojoba oil

Some of the jojoba oil in Charity Pot comes from Hyder Valley in Arizona. A delicate plant native to Arizona, Lush has been supporting Jojoba Jalisco to manage this crop under harsher conditions. Other organic jojoba oil is sourced from the desert of Peru.

Now all you have to do is slather this hydrating goodness directly onto your skin, enjoy all the benefits of natural ingredients and ease your mind knowing your purchase went to spread some good.

Our packaging

Charity Pot comes in a 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic black pot. We encourage customers to return their empty and clean pots back to their local Lush for recycling through our closed loop Bring It Back program. For every pot returned, Lushies receive $1 off their next purchase, or they can trade in five pots for a free fresh face mask.

We then have them broken down and remolded into new pots as part of our closed-loop recycling program. 

Product donations

We donate fresh handmade products to our Charity Pot partners, registered and non-registered charities, non-profits and community organizations. These donations go towards direct use, volunteer appreciation, event attendees or speakers, public outreach and fundraising activities.

If you’re interested in applying for product donations, you can learn more here.

Ethical campaigns

As advocates for justice for all, we’re passionate about giving back both locally and internationally. Campaigning alongside leading organizations, we provide a platform for more change on issues that are closely linked to our business, like fighting animal testing, going palm oil-free and banning microbeads. We also tackle topics that are unrelated to Lush but are causes we feel strongly about, such as marriage equality, ending the fur trade and freedom of movement.

Like the Charity Pot program, our campaigns focus our efforts on human rights, animal protection, and environmental-related issues.

But it doesn’t end here! You can take a deeper look at our impact and stay up-to-date on Lush news as we work to leave the world lusher than we found it.

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