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Shower Oil

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"Creamy citrus smelling! Creamy too! Love this product as it lets me stay a little longer in the shower and smells good too" - alexorange

"I find it easy to apply this all over my body because its a solid bar, melts quickly, and easy to hold onto. I use it quite often - especially on my legs after shaving. It also smells citrusy and clean, but the scent is not too overwhelming. I store mine in a square tin." - Clara5

"I'm a POC and have very dry and sensitive skin. It gets so dry and tight after showering that it used to literally crack if I didn't painstakingly moisturise every time. But not any more!! Before leaving the shower, I just swipe the minamisoma over my skin and do a quick rinse. I don't need to moisturise after anymore and my skin is sooo SOFT and plump and smells like citrus-vanilla goodness. It's not greasy either, just smoothing and lovely. Please never stop making this product. It saves me time and effort and makes my skin the softest it's ever been." - NooNoo86

How to use:

Stroke Minamisoma's regenerative, softening, Japanese rapeseed oil over your body before rinsing for a mild and hydrating shower cleanse.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry before you use it and leave it somewhere to dry in between uses

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