Rice Bran Oil


Rice Bran Oil

Oryza Sativa



This lightweight oil hydrates and protects the skin. Often found in Lush soaps, it helps create rich and creamy textures.

Rice shouldn’t be white - the grain is normally brown in colour, with different nuances depending on the species. This dark outer layer is called ‘bran’ and is the richest part of rice, full of fats, minerals, fibre and protein, but... it lengthens the cooking time. This is why it is often removed mechanically before sale, making the grain all white. Fortunately, it is usually not discarded and can be purchased for cooking or processed into oil.

There are two main reasons why rice bran oil is popular in cosmetics:

  • It is rich in vitamin B and E which soothes the skin and improves its general condition. 
  • It contains squalene, a protective and conditioning substance which (because it is also present in the human sebum) is well tolerated by the skin and helps restore hydration.

The oil is pressed and refined in Mexico, from rice grown in the country.

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