Rosemary Absolute


Rosemary Absolute

Rosmarinus Officinalis



With a warm herbal scent, rosemary absolute tones the skin and mind. Frequently used in haircare products, it gives lustre to the hair while its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties combat dandruff and cleanse the scalp.

Native to the Mediterranean region, rosemary is an evergreen shrub that can grow to six feet tall. As its botanical name implies (Rosmarinus meaning ‘dew of the sea’) the shrub can be found growing close to the sea.

Used in many traditional medicines, the herb is believed to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss when applied to the scalp thanks to its toning properties. The leaves and flowering tops can be used fresh, dried or distilled. Absolutes, obtained from plants by solvent extraction, are the most concentrated in aromatic compounds.

Lush purchase an absolute that is produced in France.

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