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Sweet Potato Puree


Sweet Potato Puree

Ipomoea batatas



The soft and creamy texture of the sweet potato puree gently slips on skin and hair, giving condition and shine. Applied on the scalp, it is thought to promote hair growth.

Sweet potato is native to the West Indies and the south of North America. It is a tuberous member of the morning glory family and is not related to potatoes despite its name. It is a large, thick root, with a flesh from yellow to red-orange colour, depending on the variety. It is so nutritious that people can live on them for many years.

A good plant source of biotin (an essential nutrient), it is said to promote hair growth and thicken the hair shaft, when applied thoroughly and for prolonged periods.

Moreover, they contain components called phytochelatins which gives them the ability to bind heavy metals with their flesh (the metallic chemical elements found in the soil, air and water, like mercury or copper), removing them from your skin and hair, leaving them deeply cleansed and detoxified.

Lush purchase sweet potatoes through their usual supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables who source a Californian variety from Spain.

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