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Unicorn Poop

Bath Bomb

Invigorate your imagination

Unicorn Poop. An ice cream-shaped bath bomb with a white base and a swirl design that is bursting with pastel rainbow colours.
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Reveal your magic with this Unicorn bath bomb, bathing is believing! With a playful perfume of bergamot, davana and jasmine, this is the ultimate bath bomb to invigorate the imagination.

How to use:
Run a bath, drop in, and relax as softly-scented mystical waters flow around you.

How to store:
Yes, they do exist! So make sure you keep this cool and dry before use.

Next-level bathing
Download Lush's mobile app on iOS and Android devices for free, dive into Lush Bathe, and settle in with a tailored Unicorn Poop playlist, full of New Wave vibes with playful beats.

Collaborating with an inspiring range of wellbeing experts, practitioners, sound healers, and mentors, Lush Bathe offers a series of transformative and meditative experiences to listen to and watch while soaking in the tub.

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