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A person prepares to put a small pink mouthwash tab into their open mouth with their hand.


Mouthwash Tabs

Juicy grapefruit and menthol

A pile of small, diamond-shaped, pink Zing! mouthwash tabs shot from above.
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How to use: 
Wake up your taste buds with a mouthwash of stimulating grapefruit, orange and litsea cubeba. A perfect addition to your oral care routine, with a touch Himalayan salt it gets you going in the morning or for a bit of “zing” during the day.

Pop one into your mouth neat with a sip of water. Nibble and crush the tab and swill. Spit out and rinse. 

How to store:
Use fresh to guarantee the fizz in this salt mouthwash. Put the lid back on when you have used one.

Our plastic pots are widely recyclable, even better they qualify for our Bring It Back scheme. Return to a Lush shop for money off your next purchase. For local details click here and search “Bring it back”.




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