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Rise Bright: The Ultimate Guide to a Morning Skincare Routine

Feeling tired, sluggish and unproductive in the mornings? You’re not alone. Most of us get up with an internal sigh that screams for us to go back to bed. But not to worry, we’re here to help. Read on to find three options of morning routines that will help you feel as bright as a sunny day.

Why is a morning routine important?

When it comes to morning routines there’s no such thing as a one size fits all model. Everyone’s day and expectations are different but making sure to take 30 to 90 minutes in the morning for your wellbeing can make you more productive and help you have a better outlook on the day ahead. 

Creating your morning routine

A brightening routine

When you need a little something to get you going, your first thought may be to reach for coffee. But have you considered how the scent of summery citrus fruits could deliver the same energizing pick-me-up? Virtually every member of the citrus family—from lemons and limes to bergamot and grapefruit—supply a fresh, invigorating experience.

Hop in the shower and wake up with Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub which will revive both skin and senses with exfoliating, mineral-rich sea salt; brightening lime and grapefruit infusion; and skin-softening avocado butter. Looking for something a little less scrubby? Reach for Happy Hippy Shower Gel, packed with bright and toning fresh citrus juices while The Olive Branch Shower Gel boasts feel-good citrus as well as moisturising, fair trade olive oil. 

Once you’ve showered, lock in hydration with Lime Bounty Body Butter, filled with rich nut butters and Persian lime oil to keep skin hydrated and happy. 

And to keep the good vibes going, bestseller Super Milk Conditioning Hair Primer will keep your curls, coils and textured hair soft with hair-hydrating almond milk, calming oat milk and shine-boosting lemon juice.

A refreshing routine

There’s a good reason why most of us prefer mint in our toothpaste: it’s refreshing, uplifting and delivers an icy blast that makes us feel that little bit more clean and fresh. So if you want that same sensation all over your body … read on.

Brighten up your mornings with Outback Mate Soap, a cooling bar bursting with eucalyptus infusion, mood-boosting lemongrass and invigorating peppermint. The smell alone will bring you back to life.

Afterwards, while you prepare your morning coffee or tea, put on Mask Of Magnaminty Power Mask for 15 minutes and let kaolin clay cleanse your pores while honey soothes and peppermint stimulates your skin. Then rinse off, add a spritz of toner and your favourite moisturiser for a fast, fresh face. 

No time to shower? Spray on Dirty Body Spray to stay fresh all day. You can spritz it all over your body (avoiding the armpits) and stash it in your bag for quick pick-me-ups as needed. This fan fave adds some pep to your step with floral lavender, woody sandalwood oil and refreshing spearmint oil. 

If you’re looking for more products to brighten your day, check out the full Rise Bright collection to find specially curated products for morning routines. 

The power of scents

Did you know that scent and mood are connected? When it comes to how a smell makes you feel, it’s all in your head.

No, really! The part of your brain that’s responsible for your sense of smell (the limbic region) is also where you process emotions. Aromatherapy (the art and science of smell) works first by stimulating scent receptors in the nose. These receptors send messages via the nervous system to the brain, which end up stimulating not just scent memory, but also emotional memory.

We’ve all experienced that moment where we get a whiff of a scent and suddenly our moods are brighter, outlooks sunnier and energy… more energized? Someone grab some Brazilian orange oil—I’m flagging! The takeaway is this: begin your days with uplifting scents if you want to feel a little more awake. 

What about nighttime routines?

We’re so glad you asked! Evening routines are just as important as morning, because they set you up for a good night’s sleep. Explore the Sleep Tight collection to find the perfect products for you and your life and check out this article to learn how to sleep tight.

More tips for creating a morning routine

We believe that in order to feel good, you have to nourish not only your skin but your mind and body as well. Here are a few easy tips that you can integrate into your mornings to help you rise even brighter.

Tip #1: Don’t make your phone the first thing you see as soon as you open your eyes. Let your mind rest. Instead, go outside (if even for just a few minutes) and take in some fresh air.

Tip #2: Stay hydrated. Drinking water in the morning helps with digestion and metabolism.

Tip #3: Stimulate your body and mind: whether that’s meditation or walking somewhere instead of driving to get your blood flowing.

Tip #4: Make a checklist the night before of what you want to accomplish in the morning. It’s easy to get sidetracked or overwhelmed when the day is coming at you fast but a simple list may help remove mental clutter and keep you organized and focused. 

Tip #5: Music helps the soul. Jam out to your favorite tunes or podcasts to set the stage for a good day!

Let us help you

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