Evernia Prunastri Extract (větvičník slívový absolue)


Evernia Prunastri Extract (větvičník slívový absolue)

Quercus robur



Proud and mysterious, oaks always attract the eye amidst the other trees, inspiring wisdom and calm. The absolute distilled from their wood usually triggers the same feelings, with its warm, malty aroma and underlying notes of vanilla.

A majestic tree, the oak has been admired and celebrated through the centuries for its stunning appearance and strong wood. With over 400 species, all native to the Northern Hemisphere, it is likely that the first oaks spread their acorns during the Eocene, fifty-six million years ago. A keystone tree, it is of great ecological importance as well as cultural and economic.

Unfortunately and despite their great adaptability, 31% of oak species are now threatened with extinction, according to a 2020 report. Climate change, pests, deforestation and urbanisation are the main causes - another reminder that we should never take anything for granted.

Lush purchase oakwood absolute from France. There, the National Forests Office has implemented a rigorous management model to protect the forests' heritage, but also their future and regeneration. Oaks can be cut (mainly for furnishings and wine barrels), but only in specific areas and for a defined period of time. Before extracting the absolute, the wood is left to dry for a year so that it develops its tannins, and gets a rich, smooth and captivating scent.

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