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Osmanthus Fragrans Flower Extract (vonokvětka absolue) - Obrázek


Osmanthus Fragrans Flower Extract (vonokvětka absolue)

Osmanthus fragrans



Osmanthus is a flower that smells like ripe peaches or apricots. The distinct and unique aroma of this absolute is often described as floral and fruity with subtle green undertones.

Osmanthus absolute is obtained from the Osmanthus fragrans plant which is also known as 'sweet olive’. Even if it's now grown on many continents, the blossoming tree is very common in China where the flowers are used to make tea, syrup or jam.

The absolute is produced in China by solvent extraction of the tree's fragrant orange flowers, producing a thick, dark brown liquid. Highly sought after in perfumery, it takes about 3,000 kilos of flowers to create around one kilo of absolute. Yes, it's a lot!

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