Viola Odorata Leaf Extract (violka vonná absolue)


Viola Odorata Leaf Extract (violka vonná absolue)

Viola odorata



While violet leaf absolute has a fresh, herbal and cucumber-like fragrance that is sought after in perfumery, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it an ideal addition to skin and hair care products.

The Viola odorata, or sweet violet, is known for its delicate, sweet-smelling flowers which bloom throughout the cold seasons. When not sold as ornamental plants, they are cultivated for culinary purposes (the plant is entirely edible) or for their leaves from which a fragrant absolute can be extracted.

The absolute’s scent has demonstrated a mild sedative effect, making a sniff before bedtime a wise investment. The leaves are also full of flavonoids (useful compounds to calm inflammation), and studies have shown them to have significant antibacterial and antifungal properties. These work together to leave the skin and scalp soothed and cleansed.

Lush purchase this absolute from an Egyptian supplier. Violet leaf absolute has been produced in northern Egypt for over 100 years. The little flowering plants live for about three years and their leaves can be harvested four times a year. They go through a complex solvent extraction process to obtain the absolute; a method that gets the most from delicate plants.

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