A person smiles as they perfect their winged eyeliner, using Grounded, a bronze eyeliner, and Wing It, an angled liner brush.

Wing It Brush

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Wing It Brush. A large angled liner brush, with slanted, caramel coloured bristles and a gold and dark wooden handle.
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"Takes the hard part out of lining your eyes. A godsend." - thesticklebrick_k

Wing It - Large Angle Liner Brush

✓ Precision application

✓ For liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow

✓ Wing your liner or buff out eyeshadow

For the classic cat eye, the tapered cut and shape of this handy tool makes creating a feline flick easy. With soft synthetic bristles, you can also buff out liquid and powder products at the eye line for a delicate finish.

How to store:
This brush comes in a 100% recyclable paper wrap, which keeps the brush clean and protected prior to use. Remove before use.

Our brushes are 100% cruelty free and made expertly and lovingly by hand. Our brush hair is 100% synthetic and vegan in order to comply with our cruelty free standards. Our brush handles are made from lightweight aluminium and sustainably sourced wood which is finished with a vegan laquer.

This brush is exclusively available online, as well as in our Makeup Concept stores (Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Munich, Oxford Street, Shinjuku).

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