3 bedtime beauty routines

Unwind, relax and take some time out, whether that’s 2 minutes or 2 hours of me-time.

No time

Feeling like a zombie? Let’s get you into bed ASAP.

Step 1: Take a quick shower or just wash your hands with Sleepy soap for soft and creamy suds.

Step 2: For sensitive softening turn to Dream Cream hand and body lotion, and then a cloud of Twilight body spray to scent yourself with warm tonka and lavender.

Step 3: Wake up with soft skin by giving yourself a gentle facial massage with Full of Grace solid serum bar. Concentrate strokes upwards across your cheeks and forehead and around your temples to release the day. Ahhhh.

Some time

When you’ve got time to unwind, you can guarantee a good night sleep.

Step 1: Need to relax, petal? Start with Rose Jam shower gel for a skin-quenching treat that scents you with roses.

Step 2: Give your face some love with the gentle Sleepy Face cleansing balm, enriched with soothing oat milk and moisturising almond oil. Spritz with Eau Roma Water toner and end with an angelic kiss of moisture with Celestial facial moisturiser.

Step 3: Smooth on Sleepy body lotion - this bestseller is loved by our customers to help with nodding off, and great for kids too!

All the time

Set yourself up for 40 winks with a full routine; breathe in, breathe out and ahhh… 

Step 1: Ready for some serious indulgence? Start with Twilight bath bomb for a tranquil, lavender scented soak with benzoin and tonka absolute, leading you gently into the land of nod. 

Step 2: While you relax, why not give your face and body a treat too with Beauty Sleep mask? Made with lemon verbena and valerian root extracted in honey, it's a potent combination to allow you to fall asleep serenely and wake up with glowing skin. Don’t forget your hair - try H’Suan Wen Hua hair treatment. This god of hair helps to stimulate new hair growth with cinnamon leaf oil while moisturising lengths with ingredients like fresh avocado and fair trade bananas. For skin that’s softer than rose petals smooth on Ro’s Argan body conditioner and rinse off.

Step 3: Don’t fall asleep in the bath, clamber out and give yourself a rub down with Therapy massage bar, smoothing and soothing yourself into slumber mode.

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