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Bubble Bar

Sweet, earthy blackberry

From NZ$9.9075g
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“Got about four baths from it. Amazing scent, not too strong and very relaxing” - tjnkdsgran

“Whilst in itself it doesn't create a massive amount of bubbles, it does add a beautiful baby powder scent to any bath. I got at least 4 baths out of it so great value for money.” - Minki2020

“This bubble stick smells like the Sultana of Soap perfume and soap, and BlackBerry bath bomb. I LOVE this scent so I am very happy! This bubble stick is a gorgeous color and I can see getting a bunch of baths out of this! I will put another one in my order if it is still available!” - PurpleQueen

How to use:
Conjure yourself up a bath (witching hour optional) and set your bubble stick on the bottom as you run the water. When you've whipped up enough bubbles, set your wand on the side to dry and use again. 

How To Store:
Keep it in a cool, dry place until you're ready to work your magic. Good for 3-4 baths.

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