Fingertips delicately brush Sleepy Dust, a fine lilac dusting powder, along an arm.

Sleepy Dust

Dusting Powder

Lavender and chamomile skin softener

A sample of Sleepy Dust - a fine lilac dusting powder.
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"LOVE this! Ahhh the sweet heady aroma of Twilight bath bomb in powder form! ... soft, and light yet doesn't dry your skin out..."- Happy_Haribo

"divine. Truly beautiful product ... if you love lavender this is for you xx" - nikkinoonoo

How to use:
Dry off after your bath or shower, sprinkle onto your skin, massage it in, and you’ll be ready for a hard night's sleep! Use after Sleepy body lotion to absorb excess butters and get ready to slip into your favourite pyjamas.




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