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The Smell of Weather Turning


Oakwood, bay and peppermint

A dark liquid filled glass perfume bottle with a black label, reading 'The Perfume Library' and 'The Smell of Weather Turning'.
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"The scent is just so unique - it can't be compared to any other perfume. The oakwood and mint absolute are the most prominent ingredients to me; it creates a warm, woody yet smoky scent that is so comforting all year round." - R Knowles

"It gives me so much pleasure, I love to spray it on just before bed and fall asleep with the images it conjures up in my imagination.. camping holidays, mountain walks, pebble collecting on the beach, watercolour painting, scenes from Far from the madding crowd." - LiTTleBriTTaNy

"This literally smells of the air just before a thunderstorm. It's amazing and I get so many compliments when I wear it." - Mr Noubar

How to use:

Like a morning walk through the wet forest, or warm summer winds ruffling through layers, fresh English peppermint bursts through like crisp cold winds, while smoky oakwood and bay bring depth and warmth. Spritz yourself and evoke the sense of a changing season.



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