Porphyra Tenera (Algi Nori)


Porphyra Tenera (Algi Nori)




Dried nori is high in protein (even more so than soybeans, milk, fish and poultry) and omega-3 which provides skin and hair with an extra layer of protection and moisture. It also contains more vitamin A than carrots, which helps the skin stay firm, while also stimulating cell production.

‘Nori’ (海苔) is the Japanese name for laver, a species of marine red algae of the Bangiaceae family. They grow in the northern and southern hemispheres, where the waters are cold and rich in nitrogen. Brown in colour when fresh, they turn a dark green - almost black colour - when dry.

Nori seaweed has long been a staple of Japanese culinary tradition, dating back to the 8th century according to reports from the ancient Izumo and Hitachi provinces. Nowadays, the seaweed is turned into black or brown coloured sheets by shredding and rack-drying, following a process similar to paper-making. The flavour is strong and distinctive and it is normally used to wrap sushi, onigiri or served on its own. 

The seaweed is also popular on the UK coast, especially in Wales, where you can find laverbread - a mixture of flour and laver, served coated in oatmeal for breakfast.

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