Cedrus atlantica



Cedarwood absolute has a rich and warm woody aroma, almost sweet, and is used extensively in perfumery. This ancient, antiseptic and astringent oil tones the skin, helps to balance sebum production and clear the skin and scalp.

‘Cedarwood’ is an umbrella name for oils and absolutes distilled from the wood of many different conifers, belonging to the Cupressaceae or the Pinaceae families. This absolute is extracted from the wood of the Atlas cedar, a very tall tree that only grows in the Atlas, a mountain range that stretches its high peaks from Morocco to Tunisia.

Aromatherapists believe that cedarwood has a sedative and balancing effect on the nervous system. It has been used in meditation to relax and harmonise the mind.

Lush buy an absolute processed in France from a wood harvested in Morocco.

Hemsida - Cederträ-absolut