Ekologiska adukibönor


Ekologiska adukibönor

Phaseolus Angularis



Whole aduki beans gently massage the skin, with a little help from other oils to make them glide smoothly. Massages are good for the body and mind; they stimulate the blood flow, relax muscles and help alleviate stress.

From the bean genus (Phaseolus) of the legume family (Fabaceae), the aduki plant grows like a vine and bears pods filled with beans. These can be cooked whole or ground into a fine flour. They have been grown and eaten in Korea, China and Japan since ancient times, and are often called ‘king of beans’. 

Lush purchase organically-grown aduki beans from Argentina. They are dark red in colour with a thin white line along the ridge.

When you’ve used your product entirely and only the shiny beans remain, why not plant them? Lush staff and customers often send photos of happy little plants growing in their black pots.

Hemsida - Ekologiska adukibönor