Rosmarin-, lavendel- och nässelinfusion


Rosmarin-, lavendel- och nässelinfusion

Rosmarinus officinalis; Lavandula angustifolia; Urtica dioica



Infusions are like herbal tea, really. Herbs and flowers, carefully chosen for their benefits, are gathered in a muslin cloth and steeped into hot water for several minutes, delivering their properties and wonderful aromas.

This particular infusion holds great benefits for the hair and scalp.

First, rosemary and lavender flowers soothe and cleanse the skin. Lavender is also renowned to balance sebum production, while rosemary gives shine to the hair.

Then, nettles. Famously irritant, the herb doesn't hurt when infused but still stimulates blood circulation, which helps keep a healthy scalp and promotes the growth of strong, shiny hair.

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