Treat your feet

Our feet can take us to some amazing places. In fact, the average person walks approximately four miles per day. So those tootsies deserve to be pampered...

There are lots of different things that you can do to keep your feet looking and feeling great (and plenty of products that were created especially to help). A few simple steps can make all the difference.


It’s great to let your hair down and throw on a pair of snazzy shoes occasionally, but don’t forget that supportive, comfortable shoes are your feet’s best friends. Investing in a good pair of shoes (especially for those long walks or days you’ll be spending on your feet) will really help combat foot-related aches and pains.


We all lead such busy lives and it’s easy to get caught up in that rush. Self care is incredibly important. It’s good to give your mind a rest and take the weight off your hard-working feet. Sit down with a nice cup of tea and have a crack at a crossword, read a book, do some adult colouring or simply just enjoy being in the moment.


Daily exfoliation will keep the rough skin of your feet soft and smooth. Pumice Power foot scrub is made with pumice to buff away dry skin, leaving your feet feeling polished and smooth. It also contains zingy organic sweet orange oil to refresh and cleanse the skin.


When you’re in the shower or bath, just give those toes a quick once-over with your soap or shower gel. In need of a little inspiration? Try Hot Toddy; full of anti-fungal and antibacterial beauties, that leave you smelling divine: ginger, clove leaf and lemon to name just a few. This will keep germs at bay, and leave your feet smelling lovely too. The thing that feet love the most is a good long soak in hot soapy water.


Taking the time to dry your feet after a bath or shower helps to reduce the chance of bacterial growth or fungal infection. A gentle, powder deodorant such as T For Toes absorbs excess moisture and contains antibacterial essential oils to assist in combating the microbes that cause smells. You can even sprinkle a little bit into your shoes to keep them smelling just as fresh as your feet!


Whether or not you’re prone to dry skin, your feet could always use a little TLC. Menthol-filled Pink Peppermint foot lotion feels cool to the touch and is rich in soothing arnica and tagetes oils to relieve soreness. Repeat foot balm helps keep your feet silky smooth and beach ready with protective candelilla, sunflower and orange peel wax and soothing castor oil. A healthy dose of Dream Cream will hydrate and soften, to leave your feet soft and perky.


If you’re running short of time (or just enjoy pampering yourself) a foot mask is a great way to give your feet some extra attention. Foot masks are a wonderful way to keep your feet clean, fresh and cleansed. Volcano foot mask is made with kaolin to cleanse and purify the skin, menthol and cinnamon to stimulate, fresh tomatoes to deodorise the feet, fresh papaya to brighten and pumice for a gentle exfoliating effect. Simply apply to the feet and sit back and relax for twenty minutes then wash off with warm water, massaging the feet in gentle circular motions.  


Tired feet love nothing more than a gentle massage to get the circulation flowing and to smooth out any tensions. Hottie massage bar is used in deep-tissue spa treatments; The Good Hour and Tailor Made. It keeps the skin supple and moisturised with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and Fair Trade shea butter. It is also packed with black pepper oil and ginger to stimulate and warm those aching muscles. Sit back and give your tired toes and heels a massage (or let someone else massage them for you). We apply a lot of pressure to the soles and balls of our feet throughout the day so focus your massage on this area to help relieve any aches and pains.


Spa breaks are the perfect antidote to tired minds, aching muscles and feet that need to be refreshed. The Spell reflexology-inspired treatment at the Lush Spa includes a reviving foot massage and treatment with beautiful hot stones, giving your feet the ultimate pampering experience while also treating areas of tension throughout the body.

After you've done all that, the only thing that's left to do is to put your feet up!

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