Snow Fairy

Our Snow Fairy range is out of season currently, but they will return! Sign up to our email newsletter here, and be one of the first to receive updates on all upcoming product releases, including our famously sweet superstar, Snow Fairy.

Our Christmas workshop has closed for now but we'll be back next year with more wonderful Christmas gifts. In the meantime why don't you explore some of our amazing all-year-round products? They're an icon. They're a legend. They are the moment. When Snow Fairy arrives, you know the holidays are just around the corner. The realm of Snow Fairy is made of shimmering pink skies and soft candy floss-fragranced clouds. Sweet Snow Fairy scents fill the air and the values of courage, kindness, and confidence are celebrated wherever you wander. This year, our Lush Inventors have created a Snow Fairy product for every imaginable need. Ready to earn your fairy wings?

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