A bearded face is covered in a thin, light green paste with sugar crystals being rubbed into the lower cheek area.

Aloe Bamboo


Fresh buttery, cleansing polish

Aloe Bamboo. A light green, cylindrical sugar cleanser roll with a visibly granular texture and topped with fresh pink flowers.
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Say aloe to scrubby bamboo, softening cocoa butter, and cooling fresh aloe from permaculture projects in Kenya.

How to use:
Break off a piece. Massage between wet hands before gliding over the face then rinse away with water. You know how your skin likes to feel, so experiment with how much scrub and water to use until you get it just right. Best used fresh.

How to store: 
We specialise in small batches of handmade products, made over and over again so that the product you use is as fresh and effective as possible. Deeply cleanse your face with active fruit enzymes, fresh fruit and vegetables, all made with no preservatives added.

Store somewhere cool and dry before use, a soap dish is a great home between uses.




Your order will be expertly protected by biodegradable Eco Pops, easily dissolvable in water or soil.

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