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Relax and Have Some Fun


Sleepy-scented fun, sweet dreams!

Relax and Have Some Fun
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Tuck yourself in for some sleepy bedtime stories, create dream clouds, cuddly teddy bears, and twinkly little stars to help you sleep tight. Scented with our best-selling Sleepy lavender fragrance, the doughy base of bars of Fun are made from cornstarch, talc, and glycerine, making it pliable for all your sculpting needs. They also happen to be softening on the skin, brilliant for creating bathing bubbles, and cleansing enough you can use them as shampoo, so you’ll feel super snuggly when it’s time to jump into your PJs.

How to use:
Get hands-on making shapes and models of your own, then pinch off a small piece and lather up from head to toe to enjoy a jolly good cleanse or shampoo. Alternatively, crumble a little under running water for plenty of swishable bubble mountains.

How to store:
To keep things fresh, store your Fun in its handy home-compostable wrapper and keep it somewhere cool and dry.

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