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Coarse Sea Salt


Coarse Sea Salt



We use this mineral-rich ingredient in haircare to counteract the effects of soft water, which makes hair flat, and to promote amazing shine and volume. In skincare, coarse sea salt softens and removes dead skin cells without stripping away too much natural oil. We always use exfoliants found in nature rather than microplastics, so you don't have to worry about what's washing down your drain. Salt also has an ancient reputation as a natural preservative, and we use it in some of our self-preserving formulas for this reason.

One of our coarse sea salts is harvested by hand from the wild, cold water of the Atlantic Ocean in Southern Portugal. Our crystals are free from pesticides, waste, heavy metals and radioactivity. They're totally unrefined to ensure that all of the natural trace minerals are present to give maximum benefit to the skin.

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