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Bath Bot 01

Digital Bath Bomb

Elevate your bathing with colour and sound

Bath Bot. Two slick, bath bomb-shaped speaker gadgets with a flat base and modern design. One is fully white and the other is black and white. There is an embossed power button visible and the word "LUSH".
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First we invented the bath bomb and now, meet the next generation of bath bomb technology—Bath Bot. Bringing you an explosion of immersive color and 180 degree sound for a super-powered sensory bathing experience. Featuring a domed convex speaker and full-spectrum multidirectional lights, Bath Bot enables you to create a custom sound, light and color experience with every bath.

With a mode for every mood, Bath Bot pairs perfectly with your favorite bath bomb, alongside bespoke light and audio tracks on the Lush app. Whether you're looking to create the world's smallest disco with Rave mode, or float into pure relaxation with Sleep mode, Bath Bot will take your bathing experience to the next level. Prepare to be mesmerized by the synchronized audio waterdance of bubbles and lightscape of spectacular colors to help you feel blissfully relaxed and inspired. With Bath Bot, you'll never bathe boring again.

The Bath Bot is identical in size and shape to our bath bombs, and was invented, engineered and manufactured in the U.K.

*We expect the dispatch date for Bath Bot orders to be around June 30th, 2024. Any other products ordered alongside Bath Bot will be dispatched in a separate order, where shipping costs will be covered by Lush.

*Not yet available for sale in California

Made in United Kingdom


- High quality speaker, engineered to be water-resistant in the bath for 180 degree immersive sound

- Downward, outward and top LED lighting for full-spectrum color

- Fully synchronized light and audio experience with the Lush app

- Connect using Bluetooth with any music app (IOS and Android)

- Wireless charging dock

- Manual power and volume controls

- Future software and features upgrades

- Choice of two speaker colors: white or black

Product specifications:

- Weight: 0.44lbs

- Dimensions: 3.14" width x 2.75" height

- Accessories: Wireless charging dock and charging cable

How to use: How to level up your bathing with Bath Bot: To set up your Bath Bot, download the Lush app and follow the Bath Bot instructions on screen. Or hold the Play/Pause button down for two seconds to enable Bluetooth pairing mode, and connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Choose your Lush bath bomb packed with mood-boosting scents and skin-loving ingredients. Open up Bathe on the Lush app and select the bespoke light and audio track matched to your bath bomb and mood. Sync with Bath Bot, lie back and enjoy an immersive light, sound and color experience.

How to store: Store in a dry and safe place when not in use and keep the charging dock away from water. This is tech with a bright future. Bath Bot was designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.K. without the use of glue. This means that not only is Bath Bot 100% vegan, it can also be repaired and ethically upcycled as needed.

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