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Squalane is an excellent protector and conditioner of the skin and hair by coating them lightly and retaining moisture. It protects from the effects of cold and heat, prevents hair color from fading and, as an emollient, helps skin remain supple.

From the Latin word ‘squalus’, ‘squale’ is a French word meaning shark; it's where squalene, and later squalane, comes from. In fact, squalene is a component of shark liver oil, which was used as a lubricant in the cosmetics, leather and marine industries for centuries. But the human body produces it too as part of sebum. It's also present in some plants and can be extracted from both thanks to modern technology, leaving sharks to roam free. The squalane we buy is made from sugar cane and doesn't bioaccumulate in organisms or interfere with composting systems as it breaks down into mineral components very quickly. 

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