Buttery yellow Mint Julips sugar lip scrub covers the lower lip of an open, half smiling mouth.

Mint Julips

Lip Scrub

Minty chocolate confection

A sample of buttery yellow Mint Julips sugar lip scrub.
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Mint Julips gets its name from a classic Southern cocktail full of peppermint and sugar, so we've followed suit with this recipe. (No bourbon here though.) Scrub your lips with fine castor sugar to soften them up, and after you lick off the refreshing minty excess, you'll be left with a protective coating of organic jojoba oil and a subtle tingle to boot! Made in Canada.


- Castor sugar buffs away flakes 

- Jojoba oil softens dry lips

- Peppermint cools and invigorates

- Recyclable glass pot made from up to 10% recycled material

How to use:

Take a pea-sized amount and scrub your lips soft, then lick off the excess.


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