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In front of a coral background, a black lid is removed from a lipstick, revealing a gold casing inside, holding a red lipstick.

Refillable Lipstick Case

Lipstick Case

On everyone’s lips

Refillable Lipstick Case. A cylindrical, mattified, black lipstick case, with gold functional details.
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We're on a mission to create a cosmetics revolution to save the planet, so single-use plastics (like traditional lipstick packaging) aren't invited to the party. That means that when it came time to come out with a new range of gorgeous lip colors, we knew we had to think outside the tube. How do you use a refillable lipstick case? It's easy: just find your favorite lipstick refill color and pair it with this low-waste alternative to disposable plastic packaging. Drop in the lipstick, slide up the tab and apply directly to lips for ethical, eco-friendly makeup that looks as good as it feels. Made in France.

How to use

Drop a lipstick refill into the case, push up the tab and apply directly to lips.

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