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Limited Edition

Wash and Grow

Bubble Bar

Good for you, good for your garden

Wash And Grow. A deep, leaf-green bubble bar in the shape of a watering can with a flower embossed on the side.
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Vegan Society

Bathe in glorious Grass-scented suds! Swish this reusable bubble bar under running water and sink into mountains of sandalwood and neroli-scented bubbles. Antioxidant spirulina extract encourages skin's natural firmness while deeply cleansing charcoal powder leaves you with a gorgeous glow. After your serene soak in the tub, use the bathwater to give your plants a drink enhanced with beneficial nettle and comfrey root powder. Your garden will thank you!

Made in Canada.


- Sandalwood oil has a grounding aroma

- Blue spirulina extract encourage skin's firmness

- Powdered charcoal is cleansing

- Proudly packaging-free

How to use: 

Hold under the tap as you run your bath. Splash the water around to create big, frothy bubbles. Let it dry out between uses.

How to store: 

Put this reusable bubbler in a slotted or draining soap dish so it can fully dry between uses.  

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