Tips for flawless lips

When cold weather descends, our lips often need some extra TLC. Here's a few top tips for keeping those lips luscious...

Scrub up well

First things first, smooth out those lips. FYI, our lip scrubs are pretty much the only thing you can eat at Lush (even though some look and smell good enough to do so...), so, you might as well!

Choose your favourite flavour, unscrew the pot, take the scrub onto your finger and gently massage the product onto the lips. This sweet combination of caster sugar and organic jojoba oil will buff off any pesky dry skin, whilst leaving your lips refreshed and replenished. When you’re done, lick the product off, pat dry and repeat as needed. Unbelievably, people often do choose to repeat this step...we wonder why?

Stay hydrated

Follow up your routine with a swipe of our favourite lip balm from our collection. Keep it sweet with choices such as Rose Lollipop, Key Lime Pie and Honey Trap, or keep it no fuss and effects-led with choices such as Lip Service and None Of Your Beeswax. Whatever your preference, warm a little onto your ring finger, swipe onto your freshly polished pout and let the oils and butters sink in. Next, you’ll be ready to get creative with some colour!

Time for the main event!

Available in the choice of 21 diverse shades, our cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks come naked - as a refill collection. Simply remove the black wax at the bottom of your lipstick and slot into your reusable, plastic-free lipstick case. Once it’s secure, carefully peel away the remaining wax casing. Voila, your lip colour is ready to be applied. Simply swipe the lipstick across the lips, using the pointed end for precision. For extra precision, use our Pucker retractable lip brush to beautifully shape and disperse colour onto the lips.

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