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How to use Glow Stick solid highlighters

So you're in the market for makeup that pampers your skin and appeals to your creative side, allowing you to experiment or achieve your ideal look with minimal time and effort? Enter the Glow Stick!

Made with beautiful artisan oils and waxes expertly sourced from community groups, you can use these highlighters to create versatile looks for every occasion, and ensure your skin feels in tip-top condition with each application. There's never been a better reason to get your glow on.

Hot on the heels of the Slap Sticks solid foundations, Glow Sticks are also sustainably minded when it comes to packaging. You could even say they think outside of the box, dipped in peelable, vegan wax to make application easy, and ensure you can put every last smudge, dab and sparkle of product to use.

Multifaceted makeup is the way forward, and versatility is crucial. The Glow Sticks’ shape and texture mean they are easy to use. Apply to the high points of your face, your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose - it’s your choice.

Magic at your fingertips

Massage onto fingertips to focus on particular points, glide directly onto skin for a targeted highlight, or stipple on using your favourite brush for a strobe of shimmer. Steal the show with a full-faced pearlescent effect, or simply frame your face. Notice that sparkle? Different types of plastic-free glitter provide twinkles ranging from a silky shimmer to shades that ‘pop’ on the skin.

Ready? Select? Glow!

Take your pick from five glistening colours, packed with ingredients that pamper the skin to create your freshest looks yet. Illuminate, experiment and make them your own. Looking for inspo? Here’s how to get the best out of your Glow Sticks.  


This simple technique is great when you want to brighten and lift areas of the face. The cheekbones and brow bones are popular areas to apply product, but highlighting all the high points of the skin creates an instant healthy glow. Try Egret for a soft pearlescent shine that catches the light and delivers a subtle shimmer, or Pipit for when you’re after a rose gold glow.

1. Apply a little product to a brush. A small tapered brush will ensure easy blending.

2. Build onto your chosen areas in layers to ensure it blends seamlessly.

3. If your fingers are your favourite tools, dab and sweep lightly onto the desired areas.

Highlighter is to the skin what sunshine is to the mind; but thankfully the former can be conjured up on the dreariest of days.


Strobing creates a bold, show-stopping look by emphasising every high point of your face with a rich flush of highlighter. The pointed tip of the Glow Stick is perfect for application directly to areas of the face, like the inner corners of the eyes and the cupids bow to accentuate your features. Egret is a great choice for strobing, with a super shimmery, glossy pigment, and for new-wave neon strobe, layer Egret on top of Robin.

1. Apply to the bridge of the nose, the chin, above and below the brow.

2. Be generous with your application and then use a brush to blend into the skin.

3. Re-apply the product layer by layer to build the effect.


Draping is a technique that uses colour to give definition. Using two shades for this technique works like a dream; try Pipit and Egret for a contrast of shade and light that will accentuate your features.

1. Swipe just under the cheekbones with a deeper shade to create a contoured effect.

2. Glide over the high points of the cheekbones with a brighter, illuminating shade to graduate colour.

3. Swipe your chosen shade directly onto the skin from the temple to the corner of the outer eye in a half-moon shape to give a little added drama. Use a big fluffy brush to ensure you blend seamlessly.

4. If you want to add extra dimension, bring down onto the tip of the chin and down the centre of the neck and décolletage.

Et voila! You’re flushed and fierce, ready to take on anything the day brings.


Holographic highlighting is a quick way to nail ethereal chic. Combining Glow Sticks is the key. Shimmery shades like Linnet make a great base. Layering a sheer shade like Robin over the top will leave you looking otherworldly every time your skin catches the light. Prefer a little extra glitz? Goldfinch’s sunlit sparkle will add a glamour usually reserved for raptor royalty.

1. Layer your chosen shade directly over the skin to leave an opaque finish. Blend and repeat to get a solid block of colour before adding your second shade.

2. Pay particular attention to the highest points of your face (read browbones, tops of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose), as these will reflect the light the most.

3. Dab a lighter sparkly shade over the top with your finger or a blending sponge. You’ll stand out in whatever light you’re in as the lustrous effect of this look takes on a life of its own.

Glass Skin

Glass skin is a technique used to create a smooth glowing complexion with an almost sheer sheen. Applying a hydrating moisturiser like Celestial to freshly cleansed skin will give you a great canvas to apply your foundation and highlighter to, and Linnet makes a great option for this look:

1. Let your moisturiser sink in, (find your perfect hydration fix here).

2. Apply your favourite foundation (try Lush Slap Sticks for a radiant finish), and buff in to create a glowing dewy finish.

3. Warm a little of your chosen Glow Stick between your fingers and apply to the back of your hand.

4. Use a buffing brush, blend over the highest points of your face, such as the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your temples and your Cupid's bow.

Creativity knows no bounds. These techniques are just a starting point, after all, it’s for you to decide where and how you want to show your glow. If you’re looking for products you can play with and that always pay off, if you love to experiment and accentuate your angles, Glow Sticks have got your back.

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