Lush advocates for ‘yes’ vote in historic Voice to Parliament Referendum

From September 21, Lush stores across the country will host powerful stories and images, designed in collaboration with GetUp to encourage Australians to write ‘yes’ in the Referendum.

The Voice to Parliament Referendum is confirmed to take place on Saturday, October 14th, 2023.

This is a pivotal moment in Australia's history, offering the opportunity to recognise and empower First Nations voices in decisions that directly impact their lives. 

As a company that has been actively campaigning for social justice since 1995, our aim is to raise awareness and understanding, so that every voting person in Australia can make a well-informed decision in the upcoming Referendum. Which is why we’ve collaborated closely with Get Up to share a set of tools and guides to empower your decision making. 

With a shared dedication to justice, inclusivity, and social progress, Lush and GetUp believe that justice and progress can only be achieved by actively including the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Lush Australia has been advocating for and helping to fund First Nations justice for over a decade. From being one of the first businesses to publicly adopt and promote the ‘Change The Date’ movement across all Australian stores through to campaigning in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to raise the age of incarceration in 2022 through, we are passionate about promoting equity within Australian communities. 

“This is a historic moment, not only because we’re going to a referendum, but because of the momentum that we can build around First Nations justice. We have three short weeks for a coordinated national effort and all of us coming together to understand the opportunity ahead. The GetUp movement is campaigning for a progressive ‘yes’ and we’ll continue to  build the momentum towards Treaty, land rights and truth telling in this country. 

“Effective campaigning happens through storytelling,  and we’re really excited to be talking to women and partnering with Lush and having conversations where it matters, at this moment, within the campaign.” Gubbi Gubbi and South Sea Islander woman and GetUp Campaigner Tamika Sadler.

“We recognise that the referendum is by no means perfect, and plenty of progress still needs to be made,” said Lush Australia Brand representative, Ruby Lee van Hoorn, “but it is an important step towards greater representation, empathy and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We are proud to have worked together with GetUp and First Nations peoples within our business to encourage Australians to not only write yes but to look forward to truth telling and shared dialogue amongst communities.” 

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