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We see you’re after a deal! You’re in luck, we’re all about values for money over here.

At Lush, we usually have just one sale once a year, typically right after Christmas. That's because we believe fresh is best and we have a freshness policy which shows our commitment to selling the freshest cosmetics and being transparent — so you’ll always know when something was made. 

Does Lush offer discount codes or coupons?

We price our products carefully to reflect the cost of the ingredients inside. We don’t hike the price of our products year round to cover the cost of holding regular sales and we don’t have special offers or two-for-one tempters.

We sincerely believe proper product advice and a personalised service can bring greater savings to a customer than gimmicky offers. “Providing personal service is the best environmental practice," Mark Constantine, Lush co-founder, explains. "If we can get you connected to the appropriate product for your needs, you get really good value for money, we get a regular customer, plus the consumption of unneeded products and packaging decreases, and money is no longer wasted.”

Other ways to save

From fighting animal testing to ethical buying, all of our products contain good values for money, but there are other ways to save too. 

Bring It Back scheme

To leave the world Lusher than we found it we support a circular economy with our pot recycling scheme. Depending where you are in the world, if you bring back your LUSH packaging you can claim back something towards your shopping or claim a free fresh face mask in exchange for five empty Lush pots. You can find out more about your local Lush recycling program here.

Delivery Pass

You can also enjoy 12 months of unlimited standard delivery with the Lush Delivery Pass, with no minimum spend each time you shop. All we ask is that you think twice about how often you use your pass to lessen the impact on the planet. You can find out more here.

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