How to make perfume last

How long does perfume last? That depends on how you wear it! Knowing how to apply perfume can mean the difference between a fleeting affair with your favourite fragrance and revelling in a long-term connection. Here are a few easy ways to help that signature scent to stay.

Your perfume is typically comprised of top, middle and base notes, with the aroma being unveiled in these stages sequentially over time. The evocative entirety of a fragrance can sometimes take four to five hours to completely unfurl. It’s a revelation to many that how and where it’s worn can quite significantly change the way it behaves as it’s coming to life too. 

Perfuming the skin

The body heat generated by pulse points helps to intensify any perfume you apply to them. Your main pulse points can be found on the neck, inside of the elbow, behind the knee, inner wrists and on various points on the feet and ankles. When spritzing on your wrists, endeavour not to rub them together as this changes the natural development of your freshly applied fragrance. 

Why not use it in bespoke ways depending on what you’re wearing? Some people fragrance their calves when sporting clothing that exposes the legs. This allows the aroma to float gently upwards and around the rest of the body.  

Scenting hair

Scenting the hair is also a popular method of using perfume. To avoid drying it out, give your hairbrush a spray and run it through the hair for aromatic impact. Another clever way to scent your barnet is to fragrance any hair accessories you choose to wear. For a subtler scent simply walk through a spritz of your favourite perfume to encourage those gorgeous essential oil molecules to settle in your tresses (make sure to cover your eyes when doing this). 

Fragrancing finery

If you’d like to carry a more subtle scent with you then apply your perfume onto the inside of any jacket or cardigan that you’re wearing. If you’d rather keep it off your skin, or any jewellery around your neck, then spraying it across your clothing in a ‘Y’ shape is a great way to do so. Feeling bold? Pop a few sprays onto your jumper, t-shirt or scarf if the weather calls for one. This should add even more ‘oomph’ to the aroma you’re carrying. 

With such a mix of information in our world today, it can be a bit overwhelming when choosing how to do things. There are no firm absolutes on how, or where to wear your favourite perfume. The most important thing to focus on when applying fragrance is whatever comfort, motivation, joy, or nostalgia it evokes. Perfume isn’t the answer to everything, but it sure delivers a hefty dose of sensory magic (and often when we need it the most). 

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