Fair Trade Olive Oil


Fair Trade Olive Oil

Olea europaea



Lush purchases Fair Trade olive oil from a female-led social enterprise, Sindyanna of Galilee.

Established in 1996, their name, Sindyanna of Galilee (سنديانة الجليل), corresponds to the most common tree in Galilee, the Palestine oak (Quercus calliprinos syn. Quercus coccifera). It is renowned in the local culture for its rootedness to the land, longevity, evergreen foliage, and endurance. The oil produced is fair trade certified.

A longstanding supplier to Lush, Sindyanna reinvest all profits to support their goal of economic and educational opportunities for women. Sindyanna’s team consists of Palestinian and Israeli women who are committed to unity, and are resolved more than ever to fight for humanity and sisterhood beyond national and religious borders.

Sindyanna works to create economic opportunities for women and support local growers and producers through the marketing of their products. They have trusted partnerships with numerous Palestinian producers in the occupied West Bank, including those of olive oil, soaps, carob syrup, and handicrafts. Sindyanna encourages sustainable agriculture, supports organic farming, and contributes to the development of their partners' businesses.

Virgin olive oil is pressed from olives harvested from groves in the West Bank, Nazareth and Upper Galilee. The harvest starts in October each year, and runs through to November, or into December depending on the weather. The olives are picked by hand or combed from the trees with a small rake.

Once harvested the olives are sent to a local mill where they are pressed to extract a final virgin olive oil.

What are the benefits of olive oil for the skin and hair?

  • Readily absorbed, it offers lightweight moisture.
  • It protects and conditions the skin and hair, improving their strength.
  • It gives the skin a healthy glow.
  • It makes the hair shine.

The oil’s lightweight feel is due to its squalene content, a compound that can also be found in human sebum. ‘Accepted’ well by the skin, it allows the oil to help restore a healthy level of moisture.

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