Nettle Absolute


Nettle Absolute

Urtica urens



Used in perfumes for its herbaceous notes, nettle absolute is also often found in haircare products. Applied to the scalp, it is said to promote the growth of strong, shiny hair by stimulating blood circulation, while preventing dandruff and balancing sebum production.

Nettles are widespread all over the world as they thrive in almost every soil and tolerate many different climates. 

Dreaded by toddlers and clumsy people, they are famously irritant and can provoke a quite intense burning sensation on the skin. This is caused by the tiny hairs covering the plant, a defence system it has developed against herbivores. Fortunately, they lose this unpleasant quality when dried or processed and, paradoxically, tend to soothe the skin thanks to anti-inflammatory components.

Lush purchase nettle absolute from an Egyptian supplier. The green herb grows wild in between their different crops. They harvest some of it to make compost, while the rest goes through a complex solvent extraction process to obtain a fragrant absolute.

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