Organic DRF Alcohol



Organic DRF alcohol is used in perfumes to dilute and merge essential oils and aromas together, and also to help the fragrance last longer on the skin and diffuse.

Alcohol (also called ethanol) is a colourless liquid derived from sugar. It is very volatile and disappears almost instantly when applied, leaving a fresh sensation on the skin. It has been used since the 14th century in perfumes. Before that, fragrance materials were diluted in carrier oils.

As it is very dangerous for health to drink alcohol in pure, high concentration and also because its trade is highly taxed, alcohol must be denatured and therefore made unfit for consumption when used in cosmetics. The ethanol molecule is not changed but substances are added to make it undrinkable. Lush use a standard super-bitter flavouring ingredient that is safe for the skin, but you’ll regret it if you try to drink it!

This denatured organic alcohol is made from sugar cane in Brazil. The producer does not use pesticides but also pays attention to the environmental and human impact of each aspect of the cultivation and processing of sugar cane which is done in a circular zero-waste system. For example, the gas produced during the fermentation of the plant supplies the company with energy, but also 476,000 inhabitants in the surrounding area.

With the principles of sustainability at the heart of their business for more than two decades, they have already seen a marked enhancement in the well-being of workers and farmers, as well as on their lands, with improved biodiversity and water management in particular.

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