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Rose Jam

Solid Perfume

Rose, geranium and lemon

An arial view of fuchsia pink, balm-like Rose Jam solid perfume.
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"...I love the Rose Jam soap, so I decided to give the solid perfume a go and it smells amazing!! Seriously lovely and goes such a long way. I know it will last me ages, and it's so easy to travel with!" - hayley.asha_738

"It's an instant mood lifter, no matter how grey the weather, or if I am sad, or overwhelmed. I feel cuddled in warm breezes and petals. I couldn't be without this little wonder." - Rae_

"I really love the smell of Rose Jam so this was a no brainer for me. It's a small handy pot so you can pop it in your bag but it doesn't last that long." - yessi_sbfc

How to use:

Warm a little of the solid scent on a fingertip. Dab onto wrists, throat or behind the ears to feel like you’re laying on a bed of roses all day (or night) long.



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