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Why fresh matters

The more natural the product is, the better it is for your skin. Simple really, but for us it's essential.

Fresh at Lush is what we do, from face masks packed in ice to our subscription box, we still believe fresh is best. In fact we can bring you the freshest cosmetics on the market!

Keep it fresh

We’re simply besotted with freshness! Using fresh ingredients has been in our DNA since our inventors began creating products. Almost every day, Lush factories receive deliveries of fruit and vegetables. These are peeled, blitzed, boiled or mashed into any number of our products from shampoos to body lotions. The reason we do this? Simple; the fresher the ingredient the more nutrients it contains, as Daniel Campbell, Lush inventor, explains: “Fruit receives a constant flow of energy from the tree. The minute it leaves the branch it starts to decompose. The sooner we use it, the higher its nutrients and the greater the benefit to your skin."

All year round you'll find our products stay no longer than 21 days on the factory shelves before being sent out to customers. 

Freshest face masks around

We aim to get products out of our factories and into your hands as soon as possible for maximum freshness, and our face masks are ultra fresh. Blueberries, honey, oats, almonds, grapes, garlic, tofu, lemon and lime juice, ginger and parsley are all on the list of ingredients. Nutritious fruits, oil-controlling herbs, skin-firming clays and effective essential oils are all used in our face masks for their powerful effects, and we want you to use them fresh, so they are at maximum potency. So we rush them straight to our shops (or your door), and they need to be refrigerated and used quickly, because the ingredients they feature are so unbelievably fresh.

Just take our seaweed for example...

From sea to ship to store or door

At dawn in Dorset's picturesque Poole Harbour, local seaman Pete Miles picks handfuls of Toothed wrack, taking the fast growing foliage from the tops of the seaweed, gently shaking it free of any marine wildlife before packing two net bags full.

He arrives back in port within the hour, hauling the bags into the back of his truck and driving the 10 short minutes to the Lush factory where the compounders have been working since 6am mixing fresh face masks. The seaweed is cleaned and rigorously checked for any remaining stowaways before it goes into our BB Seaweed fresh face mask. By lunch time the same day it’s on its way to a shop.

You can actually watch the whole process in this quick video.

Our evolution of fresh

In the early days of Lush, we even named our face masks as Ultrafresh and served them in fresh fruit skins! You could pick up your Volcano foot mask in a tomato, or scoop out Cosmetic Warrior from inside a lemon!

If you find yourself thinking the fresh face masks in our stores today look good enough to eat (we don't advise), that's because they were inspired by a visit to a delicatessen over thirty years ago where ingredients were on display in shiny silver bowls.

In 2019, we channelled our obsession further, and announced it proudly to the world by opening a Lush Fresh & Flowers shop in Paris. A beautiful boutique in the heart of the capital, bursting with freshly made face, body and hair products. Everything in the shop needs to be used within a few days (or less) to make the most of the natural benefits of the ingredients. 

Then in 2021, we wanted to bring the freshest cosmetics to your doorstep with the Fresh and Flowers subscription box. Each month you'll receive products packed with ingredients fresh from the field, that are chopped, blended and whipped, made in our kitchens and sent to you the day they are made.

How to store your stuff

You’ve probably noticed that, just like the food you buy at the supermarket, Lush products have a use-by date. But more unusually you can also see when these products were made and who whipped up that specific batch by hand. "When we say fresh, we can illustrate fresh," says Lush co-founder and product inventor, Helen Ambrosen. So to get the most out of your products, we advise using them freshly before the end date when the ingredients are most beneficial.

Here is some more information on how best to store your Lush goodies:

Face masks

It's best to pop your fresh face masks in the fridge (we don't recommend freezing any of our products) as each mask is packed with fresh, active ingredients. They can be used for up to 28 days after manufacture.


Fresh cleansers for skin and hair, including Angels on Bare Skin, Aqua Marina, and Herbalism, can be stored at room temperature for up to three months.

And more...

Skin care, hair care, lip balms, shower, deodorant, make-up and toothpaste tabs will sit pretty for 14 months at room temperature. 

Can't wait?

Where possible we always use fresh, seasonal ingredients that are ethically sourced to make sure we know exactly where they come from, delivered straight to your door or store. But should you find yourself craving a fresh fix in the meantime, why not give a DIY face mask a go? Lush co-founder Mo Constantine and daughter Claire Constantine, Lush Group Retail Director, created this short video demonstrating how to make a rejuvenating face mask at home, using every day flowers and plants found in most gardens, and common household ingredients tucked away in your fridge and cupboards. 

We believe fresh is better; do you?

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