A different genre of spa

Plot an escape, but rather than running away on a weekend break, why not explore a little closer to home? Massage, music and clouds of fragrance will carry you further afield than you could ever believe.

Treatments don’t need to tell the same old story. Leave your expectations behind and dip into a different genre of spa, where unique compositions made of music, fragrance and massage will take you on a multi-sensory adventure. A Lush spa treatment is no ordinary spa treatment. While your body is soothed, stretched and revived, relax; close your eyes and let your imagination run free, fuelled by evocative fragrance and the power of the spoken word. See where it takes you…

The Comforter?

Begin with a spin in a world of pure imagination, painted pink and warm, scented with the fragrance of dripping chocolate and sweet, fresh roses. Strip away your responsibilities and tuck yourself into a soft, warm bed, ready to let your imagination run loose for 60 dreamy minutes of The Comforter? 

While your mind tumbles through a pastel-scented fantasy of children’s novels, your body is massaged, polished and indulged with a hot chocolate body scrub and decadent rose serum, wrapping you in layers of candyfloss and childhood memories.

The Good Hour

Alternatively, set sail on the high seas for The Good Hour. Body safely cocooned inside a creaking ship’s cabin, candlelight flickering about the walls and the whipping of the waves slowly drifting away as your limbs are unfurled and refreshed in a 70-minute massage. Hypnotic melodies come in on the tide of hands working knots out of your body, layered with sea shanties and the introduction of cold eucalyptus jellies, to easing the tension out of your core.

The Spell

Stop for a moment. Listen. It’s time to cast The Spell. You have stumbled into a tranquil, coastal morning, filled with the sounds of calling birds and the presence of quiet woodland. The way isn’t clear, but it will be soon. Hands walk down your body, pressing you comfortably into the warm, rich earth, helping you to move forwards until the rhythm is effortless and your imagination carries you onwards. Take off your shoes to paddle in kaolin, limeflower and menthol crystals, then forget all about them, as welcome pressure on your soles, toes and heels helps you move forward, uninhibited.

Hard Days Night

If it’s been a Hard Days Night and sleep evades you, let your body rest and your mind run away on an adventure to sea. It starts at the Liverpool docks, a hub of people, the buzz of activity and voices, each with their own story, the gentle reorganisation of your limbs which are stretched, soothed and gently put away again until morning. Wander away from the crowds in your warm, oversized pyjamas until your mind finds somewhere quiet to settle down until dawn.


Eat Me. Drink Me. Words fill the board and bottles line the wall, awaiting your decision on where you wish to travel today. Choose a destination made of fragrance and massage, smelling of Synaesthesia, colour and birdsong, then cut through the grass to a castle bathed in light against the horizon. We begin here, with the gentle call of gulls sweeping through the ruins, but your imagination can take you anywhere. Firm, therapeutic massage, choreographed by your own decisions, courses up and down the body, aligning and releasing, as you embark on your own journey.

You are the narrator of your own story, so decide where you want to go...

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